Samsung ssd compatibility

Detailed information about all M. Jump straight to it. This post is an attempt to dispel any confusion around the new M. This blog post he wrote helped clarify some of the finer points contained here. Commercially available M. These measurements are commonly expressed like '' meaning 22mm wide, 42mm longor '', meaning 22mm wide, and 80mm long.

There are two types of controllers used on PCIe M. However, Windows 7 boot support for NVMe devices is very limited and requires a Microsoft hotfix to be applied and currently requires one to clone the windows installation from another non-nvme drive to the target NVMe drive in order to achieve a bootable Windows 7 system.

A 'key' defines both the socket female and the plug-in card connector male. In the context of an M. Currently the M. The rest of the information here will help you identify the type of M. Fortunately the limited number of M. Further down we also have a list of known systems and the associated compatible M. The table below shows the different types of M.

The table below shows the different types of edge connectors deployed on different models of M. Using the above tables and your system manual, you should be able to figure out which kind of drive you have now and the appropriate upgrade path. In the smaller capacities GB and underthe M.

The picture below shows the edge connectors of two different types of currently available M. The one on the left is the Samsung XP It has a single 'M' key and is PCIe x4 based. Before purchasing an M. That's the maximum length that M.

SATA based M. Booting from the adapter has not been possible with our internal testing of ASRock Z97 boards, but then it's not needed since that model has a full speed PCIe 3.

samsung ssd compatibility

So check your manual if you are planning to use your new M. You've been warned The following is a list of some of the most popular M. Please add your questions and comments at the bottom of the page and help us grow and maintain this list.

PCIe 80mm M. It definitely doesn't work with the Samsung XP If your computer is not listed above and you are not sure about its M.Here is a list in which you can find the exact M.

It does have a M. Hi, Acer EG M. It accepts SSD M. But only x2 lanes, not x4. Help me out, please. At the last, Kudos for your involvement in the global community. Keep it up! Choose country Acer Laptop series M. Alienware Laptop series M.

Dell Laptop series M. Fujitsu Laptop series M. Gigabyte Laptop series M. HP Laptop series M. LaptopMedia Laptop series M.

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Most reacted comment. Hottest comment thread. Recent comment authors. Notify of. I allow to use my email address and send notification about new comments and replies you can unsubscribe at any time. ACER vgas Not listed above.Storage info — details on speed, dimensions, and hard drive and SSD interface specifics — for all G3 and later Macs are organized below by category.

Some Macs have a hard drive or SSD that can be upgraded easily, others have storage that "unofficially" can be upgraded with some effort, and still others have soldered storage that cannot be upgraded at all after initial purchase of the Mac. This section makes differentiation easy.

samsung ssd compatibility

In general, be sure to purchase your hard drive or SSD from a vendor that has tested the storage it sells with your particular type of Mac to ensure full compatibility and ideal performance. Also, be sure always to read the complete specs page for a specific Mac as some compatibility is dependent on OS version, firmware, or other details.

Be sure to also see EveryMac. Thank you. Please note that the thumbnail images merely show one of the more representative Macs in a category. Many series also include other models with different designs. MacBook Pro. MacBook Air. PowerBook G4. PowerBook G3. Mac mini. Mac Pro. Power Mac G5.

Power Mac G4. Power Mac G3. Mac Server G4. Mac Server G3.Go to Solution. View solution in original post.

I am having the same problem with the same drive. I puchased it through amazon last week. The replacement is also not supported in Magician software. I called the support of Samsung and this was one of the possible issues. I didn't want to believe it, but it was exactly the solution: I put the laptop to our guest network, which is directly without proxy connected and voilla - the drive WAS supported and I could make the firmware update and all the functionality has worked. Probably when the Samsung developers would provide the proxy option in the configuration of the Magician, it would work behind the proxy too.

I solved my problem. I took the Evo off the Marvell Sata controller and put it on the Intel controller. Fortunate, I guess, that I had a choice. The drive was recognized right away, took the firmware update, optimized, etc. Running, literally 8x faster on benchmarks. I was very grumpy for about a day. Still a little annoyed about it. SATA storage controllers should just work.

Here we are, July and still getting the same errors.

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Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. The samsung magician software latest version 5. The drive is directly connected to the motherboard, no adapters used. Is als says that Interface: sata 6.This completed successfully. I then turned my PC off, and simply swapped out the smaller one, for the bigger one inside my case. The PC booted as normal when I turned it on, and the greater space showed in the 'C' drive.

I see that many other users are having this same issue. I browsed many posts and followed some steps from a "Samsung Dave" but to no avail.

mSATA SSD Compatibility List

These included:. None of these worked. I have also manually created a Firewall rule to allow Magician to access the Internet, although I really do feel that is clutching at straws, as there is no reason why it shouldnt be able to connect by default. I have also went ahead and sent Samsung en email about this, however I thought it wise to also make a forum post as generally feedback would come quicker from my experience.

Go to Solution. View solution in original post. Odd, for some reason my previous reply has been deleted. Anyway here is a couple of imgur links with the screenshots you asked for and some other hopefully helpful system specs screenshots.

OK a few hours ago I typed out a massive post with tons of important information that may help this issue, I come back a few hours later and the post is GONE!

This is the second time this has happened now, what is going on in this forum!

M.2 SSD Guide / Compatibility List

Based off of the information shown in your device manager, you are using the generic windows SATA drivers and not the ones designed for your system. What is the model of your motherboard or system?

I explained all of that in my post that magically disappeared. I will have to gather all the details again and type it out tomorrow. So bummed about that, put loads of effort into it. This installed successfully but appears to have made no difference. As you correctly point out, in both screenshots in Device Manager, it still lists the driver as being from Microsoft, and from ! There are other downloads within this category, but I felt the one I downloaded best matched what it is that I needed.I get the message that "This software is not compatible with this version macOS.

Please fix so I can access my data. Go to Solution. Hello, Samsung is currently preparing an update for its T5 to make there software compatible with Catalina. Release date : end of november.

Here is a screenshot of their answer on their facebook page facebook. View solution in original post. I already mentioned this a few months ago Made my both T5 SSD's useless therefore my backup is more than 90 days old. Not so funny. Hi, there is no need to wait.

DON'T Buy A Portable Drive Without Watching This...

Just connect your drive to samsung phone. Enter your password. Wait a little bit until "samsung ssd " appear in your notification bar. Go to options. Disable password protection. You are done. Why is it taking so long? I desperately need access to my data and I can't access any of it. I don't have a samsung phone and I still don't understand why every other company can just allow us to use their harddrive but Samsung requires me to use their software.

This is extremely inconvenient and if this is going to happen every year I'm never purchasing one of their products again. Hi useru3isikqiFY. Can you provide a screenshot or picture of the error you received? This is from the software on the device. It also happens when I use the 1. I must be able to get to my files on the T5 and I want it to work again.

What is going on here Samsung? I need technical support to solve this with step by step instructions to resolve this matter. Please answer fast I must get this working thank you.

I pretty much solved this for myself.

samsung ssd compatibility

Their software is junk, doesn't work with Catalina, however, I just used my virtual Windows machine because I couldn't even get my mac to register the dam SSDformatted the whole disk to exFat then plugged it into my MacBook.

Unfortunately for those of you with data already on your SSD that you can't access, this won't help. It is a fantastic and easy to use virtual machine system that already has mac and windows environments. If you are familiar with them, VirtualBox from Oracle will do as well. Sign In.What cables are needed? Go to Solution. Which do you want to give up? If neither then see the below suggestion. Rather than installing a traditional 2. You might be able to get the GB model to work with the external HP recovery media.

The GB model is a recommended size by myself and other top posters on this forum.

samsung ssd compatibility

OK, BD. Appreciate that fast response. So I will go the NVMe route. Microcenter needs to bone up on the options their customers have Have to laugh because he was telling me how knowledgeable he was after 10 years in the biz.

So back I go for the better choice in SSD. It's so simple once you have the right answers! You've got a killer. You will find a lot of uTube videos on NVMe installations. Didn't find what you were looking for? Ask the community or Ask the Virtual Agent. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

Showing results for. Search instead for.

M.2 SSD Guide / Compatibility List

Did you mean:. It has been a while since anyone has replied. Simply ask a new question if you would like to start the discussion again. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Level 2. Message 1 of 5. HP Recommended. Product: Pavilion pc Desktop PC.

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 bit. I have the same question. Tags 2. Tags: Microsoft Windows 10 bit. Level Message 2 of 5. Message 3 of 5. You've got a killer setup there yourself, BD, thanks for the help!

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